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5th European Marathi Sammelan - 2004, 16 - 18 july

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Norway has hundreds and hundreds of beautiful and unique attractions. From the fjords and mountain farms on the west coast, to cultural and historical sites in the valleys and the capital in eastern Norway, to majestic mountains and the midnight sun in the north. There is something to suit all tastes and age groups. More than anything else, it is nature that makes Norway such a special place to visit. Staying in the mountains is a wonderful experience, whether it's a challenge or just peaceful silence you're looking for. Getting information is very easy, as all local tourist offices have their own websites providing information on attractions, accommodation and transport. Almost all hotels and camping sites allow you to make reservations through Internet.

For People interested in Group bookings for sightseeing have a look at
Try Norway

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Fjord Pass
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Norway in a Nutshell
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Remember, July is a peak tourist season, with hundreds and thousands of tourists pouring in from all over the world, so it is advisable to book well in advance. We recommend booking at least six months in advance to avoid disappointment later. For those who would like to take the famous Norwegian Coastal Cruises, voted as the best cruise experience in the world, you may want to book even earlier. There are excellent transport alternatives available. Bringing your own car or renting a car is also a very good option and costs less than using buses and trains. Camping sites, very popular with locals and tourists alike, provide an economical alternative to hotels. Cabins, or Hyttas, as they are locally called provide an unique experience and are popular too. Some of them offer all the modern amenities that you will find in hotels. Although you can find all of the information on Internet, here are a few suggestions for excursions out of Oslo.

Tour 1 Norway in a Nutshell

This is the most popular tour for those who have limited time and want a feel of Norway. Train Oslo-Myrdal, 5 hours The Flåm Railway, 1 hour Myrdal to Flåm Fjord cruise, 2 hours Flåm to Gudvangen Bus Gudvangen-Voss, 1 hour Train Voss-Oslo, 5.5 hours By departing Oslo in the morning, it is possible to return to Oslo by late evening, same day. If you have another day to spare, you may wish to take an express ferry from Flåm to Bergen, 5 hours (Boat Information ), instead of Flåm to Gudvangen, stay overnight at Bergen, and take a night train back to Oslo after spending the next day sightseeing in Bergen.

Tour 2 Flaam, aurland & Jostedal Glacier

For those with own or rented car, we would suggest a three days trip as follows: Day 1: Oslo to Lærdal. Lærdal to Flåm via mountain road. The Flåm railway to Myrdal and back. To Lærdal via the longest road tunnel in the world. Overnight at Lærdal. (for info visit Flaam & Aurland ) Day 2: Lærdal to Nigardsbreen (Jostedal Glacier). A thrilling experience for the whole family, where Glacier walks are available for kids as well as for expert hikers. (For details visit Jostedal Glacier ). Overnight at Lærdal. Day 3: Fjord ferry cruise from Lærdal to Gudvangen. Drive via Voss to Oslo taking Route 7, declared as a national scenic road, with various sightseeing spots on the way. If you have more time, one can drive down from Voss to Bergen, or go southwards to explore the various spots at Hardanger Fjord.

Midnight Sun

There are several alternatives available. One can fly to Bodø, Tromsø or Kirkness direct from Oslo, or take a train to Bodø and bus further north. The Coastal Ferries are an alternative as well. Tromsø is one of the biggest town in northern Norway.
For the more adventurous, there is Svalbard, a group of islands between 74° - 81° N and 10° - 35° E, one of the most remote and pristine places inhabited.
In Tromsø, the Sun stays above the horizon at midnight from approx. 17th May, until about 26th July. But this requires an unobstructed view toward the north, something not possible from the city of Tromsø. Therefore, to view the Midnight Sun from Tromsø you should travel there from 21st May until 21st July. Meanwhile, places along the outer coast with an open view toward the north have the Midnight Sun longer, while some closed-in places between the mountains don’t have the Midnight Sun at all. By the way.... clouds can also obstruct the Midnight Sun, so there is no guarantee that you will see the Midnight Sun and we recommend that you plan on staying a couple of days more, just to improve the odds.
One can also drive down from Oslo to Tromsø (Oslo-Trondheim 494 Km., Trondheim-Tromsø 1103 Km.) which take approx 23 hours to drive. You can mix and match the various options between train, plane, renting cars and coastal ferries to suit your schedule and budget. Remember to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and steep last minute prices. The various sites are:
Bodoe Inside Arctic Circle
Flaam & Aurland
Tromsø Midnight Sun
Svalbard / Spitsbergen
Norwgian Railways
Norwegian Bus Service
Norwegian Coastal Streamer
A great site for driving directions and maps is:
Maps & Directions
Another great site for driving rules in Norway:
Driving in Norway

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